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All Doulas have infant experience and are specially trained in infant CPR, breastfeeding support and newborn care.

In addition to providing care to your newborn, Doulas will upon request:

Provide sibling care
Do laundry
Do light housekeeping
Greet visitors
Run errands

**The above duties are provided upon request only during a daytime visit.  No extra charge for these duties (except a mileage fee of .31 cents per mile when doula's vehicle is used).

Many new parents do not need daytime assistance but need help getting through the night.  Doulas are available overnight to care for the newborn so parents can sleep.

Doulas are available days, evenings and overnights (4 hour minimum)

$12.00 per hour - 1 Infant
$13.00 per hour - 2 Infants
$14.00 per hour - 3 Infants
4 hour minimum on each visit
Doulas are paid directly by the client at the end of the job.  Cash or check accepted
In addition to the Doula's hourly rate, TLC charges an agency fee each time a Doula visits.

$20.00 one time registration fee
$25.00 4-6.0 hours of service
$35.00 6.5 + hours of service or overnight
All agency fees must be paid by major credit card or debit card.  Visa, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard accepted.

There is a $14.00 cancellation fee on all guaranteed jobs cancelled.  If less than 24 hours notice is given when canceling, the Doula's 4 hour minimum ($40.00) will be charged in addition to a $14.00 cancellation fee.  All cancellation fees are billed to credit card or debit card.

Doula fee is time & 1/2 ($15 hr) on major holidays (plus New Years Eve)
Agency fee is double on all major holidays (plus New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day Eve)
$15.00 service charge on all returned checks.

Doulas have extensive newborn experience and have received special training in newborn care, breast feeding support, child abuse prevention and other infant care related topics.

All Doulas are fully screened and pediatric CPR certified.  TLC is a member of the National Association of Post-Partum Care Services.

NOTE: Doulas are not medically trained professionals and therefore cannot care for infants with special needs requiring medical assistance.

For more information, call TLC 816-550-3407

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