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Looking for a sitter?  TLC sitters are available nearly anytime:  days, evenings, overnight and weekends.

Besides covering a weekday or night out, we offer many other solutions to your childcare dilemmas:

Sick care and family emergencies
Newborn and family support
Round-the-clock care for vacations and business trips
Hotel babysitting
Group child care
Day care substitutes

*4 hour minimum on all jobs 
*Cash or check accepted by caregiver, paid at the end of the job directly by client
$10.00 per hour (1-2 children)
$11.00 per hour (3-4 children)
$12.00 per hour (5-6 children)
Sick child care $12.00 per hour
(flat rate)
Overnight care is negotiated by TLC

There is a $20.00 cancellation fee on all guaranteed jobs cancelled. If less than 24 hours notice is given when canceling, the sitters four hour minimum will be charged in addition to a $20.00 cancellation fee. All cancellation fees are billed to credit card or debit card.

One time registration fee of $25.00
In addition to the caregiver fee the following agency fees apply: (per time slot)
$20.00 - Days and Evenings (per caregiver, per time slot)
$30.00 (Overnight care per night)*
*TLC does not provide overnight care for children over the age of 12
There is an additional $5.00 service fee on any jobs that are called in with less than 24 hour notice.  Service fee will apply only if TLC locates a sitter for your family.
Agency fee is double on all major holidays plus New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day (evening)
Caregiver fee is time and 1/2 on all major holidays plus New Year's Eve
Agency fees payable by credit card only:

For more information, call TLC 816-550-3407

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